Origins and Ends


Origin's & Ends is the third and final game of the Blackbrim Trilogy, the sequel to Blackbrim: 1876 (Game I) and Reager's Return (Game II).

You've expertly foiled plot after plot, but each time Reager has slipped just beyond your grasp. Now, new information has come to light that may finally give you the upper hand. You return to the origin of your conflict to reveal hidden secrets that were previously just beyond reach. Along the way, you enlist the help of an old friend and embark on what you hope will be the final saga of this journey...

Origins & Ends contains one full storyline made up of two parts, with dozens of puzzles to decipher and clues to crack. It also contains a Blackbrim pin upon completion of the game! Play with a group or on your own for hours of fun.

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