Help us create central florida's next board game cafe & hobby store

As a collective, our goal has always been to create amazing experiences for our community. We started this with The Crafty Gamer, offering hand crafted products, classes and sponsoring and/or hosting game nights.

We improved upon that by hosting a local convention called Quest Con Orlando to further merge the communities of Central Florida under one tabletop focused event.

We aim to give back to the community with our non-profit Roll Together Foundation.

Now we wish to do it once again with Homebrew Cafe.

The goal is to create a location that encapsulates everything we are already doing under one roof. A place where you can eat amazing food, play spectacular games and enjoy unique & memorable experiences.


Spread the word. The more interest we have in Homebrew Cafe, the better our chances are to acquire enough capital to make this dream into a reality.

This project is a massive undertaking, and we will be working alongside other community members to ensure it comes to fruition.

So share this page on your social media, tell everyone you think would love to see this happen. You can also purchase the candle listed on this page, all profits from the candle goes directly towards building Homebrew Cafe.


We are looking for a 5,000++ sqft location so that we can offer the following things:

  • Full Kitchen + Cafe
  • Gourmet Sandwiches, Smoothies & Coffee
  • Beer & Wine
  • 800 sqft of Retail Space for the latest board games and RPGs
  • Seating for at least 80-100 people
  • Over 1,000 games in library
  • Private Rooms - Fantasy & Sci-Fi Themed
  • Family Room - Ages 6 & Under Friendly