Lore of Aetherra: The Lost Druid


Lore of Aetherra: The Lost Druid is a 5th Edition adventure designed to bring characters from level one to five, and is the first in an expansive 4-book saga of science-fantasy adventures that will take your players to level 20.

A uniquely immersive RPG experience, The Lost Druid employs a myriad of digital content that can be experienced using the Alchemy RPG platform. Enjoy a cinematic storytelling structure, breaking chapters into scenes supplemented by expansive soundscapes, dynamic musical scores, voice-acted flavor text, and environmental motion graphics.

Product Contents:

  • Over 250 Pages
  • Over 2 hours of Audio Content
  • 5 Premade Player Characters
  • 6 Side Quests
  • 7 Tavern Mini Games
  • 35 New NPCs and Monsters
  • Maps: 8 area, 1 city, and 1 region
  • New Backgrounds, Spells, and Magic Items
  • Over 60 NPC Profile Blocks
  • AI Combat Tactics for Every Encounter

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