Tales From Cazilor

Tales from Cazilor


Hello, everyone, and welcome to Cazilor. Cazilor is a fantasy land, home to many humans whose mere existence sparks great controversy. You see, Cazilor sits between two factions of giants. The faction to the east, ruled by Toltag, believes that humans within Cazilor deserve to be exterminated. Meanwhile, the faction to the west, ruled by Ginsi, believes that humans should be treated as еquals.​

This debate was enough to causе war. Toltag sends giants to destroy homes and murder innocents. Ginsi sends giants to protect them. This battle has raged on for as long as anyone can remember. Eventually, the humans of Cazilor expressed to Ginsi that they did not wish to simply stand by and be slaughtered. Many wished to join the fight.​

So, Ginsi created an elite army known as the Mazmus. It utilized the combined power of humans and giants to fight against Toltag. During the two years of training, it takes to join the Mazmus recruits are, of course, taught how to slay giants. This includes learning how to ride horses, use special gear, learn battle stratagies, and some even have magical powers awakened inside of them.​

They also get told to scrub toilets and pick up horse shit. It builds character.​

As a matter of fact, one of these character-building exercises is happening right now. Sitting in a field is our brave recruit, Apollo, and his hard-headed squad mate Arthur. They are being supervised by their Captain while they stand guard on night watch.​

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Naethan Apollo is a musical artist born and raised in small-town Iowa. His unique voice, delivery, and way with words are what brought his career to life. He’s been making music since 2016, but didn’t begin to get noticed till the start of the pandemic in 2020. Getting his rise on the internet through platforms like TikTok & Instagram.