The Islands of Sina Una


The Islands of Sina Una is a new Campaign Setting for 5th Edition that pulls from precolonial mythology and culture of the Philippines.


 In the time since Bakunawa's last attack the mortal races that inhabit the island recover slowly as life goes on. While some do battle with the monsters that roam these lands, others work as intermediaries, communicating between spirits and deities to help protect and guide their people. And yet, there are still others who choose to align with the terrible Celestial Eaters, to destroy the moon and bring about the end of all things.

What role do you play in a world of mortals, spirits, and monsters?


Product Contents:

  • Over 250 pages
  • 2 New Base Classes
  • 12 New Subclasses
  • New Subraces
  • New Backgrounds, Spells, and Magic Items
  • 50 New Monsters
  • New Boat Travel Rules

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