Object of the game is to end the game with the most carrots. Players will have to masterfully decide to Farm, Steal, Gamble, Bank, or use Rabbit Hole cards to obtain carrots. There are 5 rabbits to choose from. On setup of the game the player will choose to either be the Farmer, Thief, Gambler, Tax Collector, or Insurance Broker. Each rabbit has their own special ability. There are three piles of cards (Farm, Steal, and Rabbit Hole). You start off with 24 cards in each deck, any extra cards will be removed from the decks and placed in the box. Thirty carrots per player will be used to create the Harvest.

A player's turn will consist of the following:
1. Remove any Closed Tokens that were put into play on their last turn.
2. Receive any carrots via farming or banking. If a player cannot receive any carrots they will receive 1 carrot from the harvest.
3. The player will complete one of the following.
A. Purchase a Farm Card (Cost 0 carrots)
B. Purchase a Steal Card (Cost 1 Carrot)
C. Purchase a Rabbit Hole Card (Cost 3 Carrots) Rabbit Hole Cards may be played at anytime during the player's turn. The only exception to this rule is if the card has a carrot with a lightning bolt and or a rabbit with a fire on its head.
D. Gamble
E. Bank *Note if more than 4 carrots were banked on the player's last turn, they may not bank this turn.

If one of the card piles or the Harvest gets depleted, this will trigger the end game. Any Rabbit Hole cards left will be counted as 2 carrots unless card otherwise specifies. The player with the most carrots wins. In the event of a tie, the player who took their final turn earlier will be declared the winner.