Final Girl: Series 2 - Into the Void Feature Film Expansion


Requires Core Box to play. Deep space. You and the rest of the crew of the USCSS KONRAD find yourself in deep sh... er ... space when you notice something scurries across the floor and into the ventilation shaft. Can you destroy it before it morphs into something much bigger and much deadlier? Or will the Evomorph harvest the bodies of the entire crew? Its kill or be killed in when you're being hunted in space! The Evomorph will evolve over the course of the game and features a vanishing mechanic where it will disappear into the ventilation shafts only to return when you least expect it or perhaps if you plan it right, into a well-laid ambush! The USCSS KONRAD spaceship introduces keycards that can be used to access different parts of the ship. Will you kill your foe the old-fashioned way? Self-destruct the ship and escape? Or perhaps you'll try to airlock the killer into the void!