Adventurer's Tarot: The Empress Deck


The Empress Deck is an oracle deck based on the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons, but can be used with many other systems. Contains 103 beautifully illustrated cards stamped with gold-foil, in a sturdy two-piece box, which is also gold-foil stamped. Includes a booklet with alternative initiative instructions, as well as a oracle reading guide. You can use the Adventurer’s Tarot as an alternative initiative system, as a magic item in game, or to perform tarot readings with our very own tarot/oracle reading guide, included with the deck. You can also try your hand at playing the Wild Oracle, a new spellcaster class we created to go with the Adventurer’s Tarot who uses the deck to cast spells that buff allies or devastates opponents. The deck includes all 12 base D&D classes, as well as the Mystic, Blood Hunter, Artificer, and our new Wild Oracle. There are also 6 Adversary cards, 2 cards each for The Beast Companion, The Familiar, The Ally, and 4 cards for each Creature type,