Ancestree - An Elegant Tile Drafting Family Board Game


Ancestree™ is an elegant tile drafting game designed by Eric M. Lang, illustrated by Larry Elmore and colored by Adelheid Zimmerman. In Ancestree™, it’s late at night and you’re in the historical archives proving to your rivals that you have the greatest lineage of them all! Your search reveals fascinating ancestors within your family tree; wealth, power and the occasional black sheep of the family are all there. How do your ancestors stack up through the generations? Play Ancestree™ today and find out! RETAILER BENEFITS AND APPEAL Easy to Explain and Demo: Ancestree™ takes just seconds to explain and minutes to demo, allowing your employees to make the sale quickly. Links to Genealogy: The game’s emphasis on looking for ancestors and building a family tree has proven to be a great hit with those who actively explore their own heritage and past. Wide Appeal: With intuitive gameplay and multiple paths to victory, Ancestree™ can be enjoyed by children and parents alike.