Are you ready to feed some dinos AND stop them from CHOMPING each other? The era of the dinosaurs is here!

Form herds of dinos and make sure they are all fed. Herbivores and carnivores both need food. Careful! If the carnies are not fed, they won’t mind chomping an herbie to fill their bellies.

Chomp is a quick game where you only get eight turns. Make the most of them! Every card in the game has a point-scoring goal on one side and a dinosaur landscape on the other side.

Each turn, you'll get to choose from rows of 3 goal cards and 3 dino cards. If you take a goal, it will help direct your strategy to score points at the end of the game. If you take a dino, add it to your dino-land. As you add cards, you'll be trying to form herds, make sure they are all fed, and maximize your scoring!