Clank! In! Space!


Clank! In! Space!

  • Sneak your way aboard Eradikus Prime!
  • Hack computer terminals to open your path!
  • Recover the stolen treasures of the universe!
  • Escape before the Eradibots hunt you down!

One false step and - Clank! Careless noise draws Eradikus ever closer. To enjoy your plunder, you must reach an escape pod and make your getaway! in space, EVERYONE can hear you Clank!

Clank! In! Space! comes with the following contents:

  • Modular game board
  • 180+ cards
  • 80+ tokens
  • Market Board
  • 5 Power Crystals
  • 30 cubes, in 4 player colors
  • 1 player marker and 2 data cubes, in 4 colors
  • 24 Boss cubes
  • Cloth Boss Bag
  • Boss Marker
  • Rulebook

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