Buried in the Bahamas


Buried in the Bahamas is an introductory adventure for Pirate Borg and The Dark Caribbean campaign setting. It was designed with first time players and new gamemasters in mind, and while it starts with a predetermined introduction, it quickly transitions to a sandbox-style adventure, where you and your players will make your own decisions on how the adventure will unfold.

It is optimized for one-shots, convention play, and for use as the first session in a long term campaign. Extra notes in the margins provide GM suggestions and tips.

Explore three islands, cross swords with undead skeletons, and search for treasure in the Cave of Seven Skulls. This adventure is a perfect start to a career on the high seas. And it was partially written and play-tested in the Bahamas! 

Inside the 24 page adventure you’ll also find:

  • Double-sided pull-out treasure/battle map
  • 30 Things One Might Find Buried in the Bahamas drop table.
  • Re-Crew-Tor for instantly generating NPC Crew.
  • Gamemaster Resource list