Dragon Bowl


Dragon Bowl is an exciting mashup of two timeless classics – bowling and fantasy board games - combining the physical components of bowling with the game mechanics and objectives of a fantasy board game for all ages.

The comprehensive rule design allows bowlers at any skill level to compete against more advanced bowlers, even the Pros!

Dragon Bowl transforms the bowling experience from counting points into an epic journey across a perilous land to slay a dragon and save the Kingdom.

Dragon Bowl Deluxe Edition: A Bowling Adventure Game

A fantasy adventure board game with bowling as the driving force. Bowling score doesn’t matter in Dragon Bowl. The focus is on shotmaking.
The game objective is different for each bowler’s/hero’s skill level. In Dragon Bowl, a beginning bowler can beat a Pro.
To play this game, you need to rent a bowling lane at a bowling center.

How to play Dragon Bowl:

  • Choose your hero - each hero has a special skill to use in the game - and determine which skill level at which you will compete

  • Flip the card to unveil the creature you need to defeat

  • Roll the dice to determine the bowling objective you need to complete to defeat the creature

  • Take your shot

    • If you are successful, move on to the next encounter or challenge space

    • If you are partially successful, stay on this space to battle the creature or overcome the challenge on your next turn. You’ll get a chance to re-roll the dice.

    • If you fail, move back to the previous encounter or challenge space

  • Battle across the kingdom until you face the dragon and save the kingdom!

How many players are required?

1-6 players or teams. Players can play as individuals or form teams. Dragon Bowl is great for individual and team development.

How much time is required to play Dragon Bowl?

The estimated time to finish a game of Dragon Bowl is 1.5 hours or 3 games per bowler/hero.

Is there an age requirement or skill level required to play?

Dragon Bowl is for all ages 8+. Bowlers/heroes are classified into 5 skill levels:

  • Beginner Hero

  • Intermediate Hero

  • Advanced Hero

  • Expert Hero

  • Pro Hero

What is included with the game?

When you open your Dragon Bowl game you will find:

  • Rule book

  • Gameboard (dimensions: 27” x 18”)

  • 6 - hero cards

  • 5 - dragon cards

  • 20 - encounter cards

  • 6 - 3D hero figures

  • 6 - dice