Journey to Beryl's Reach


Getting the whole group together to play regularly can be tough, or your DM might need a break from time to time. Journey to Beryl’s Reach is a 5E DMLess Mini-campaign that allows DMs to take a break and cuts down on burnout. DMLess games also give players agency over their adventure, choosing the encounter types that they enjoy the most from five encounter categories: combat, sill challenge, puzzle, roleplay, and wild card.

Play with three to five 6th level characters!

Journey to Beryl's Reach is the second DMless adventure! You can play it as a stand-alone for a 6th level party or as a sequel to The Blood Queen's Defiance. Check out The Blood Queen's Defiance, which can be played before JBR, or played on it own!

Check out Valbrik's Silver Ring, which can be played as a sequel JBR, or played on it own!