Raceway Alley


BOWLERS! Start your engines!

Be the first bowler to cross the finish line and take the checkered flag in this racing-themed bowling adventure game. Each lap provides a new challenge as bowlers strive to maximize their pin count with every frame. In Raceway Alley, every pin counts!

Raceway Alley: Every Pin Counts!

A racing-themed board game with bowling as the driving force. Bowling score doesn’t matter in Raceway Alley. The focus is on shotmaking.
The game objective is different for each bowler’s/driver’s skill level. In Raceway Alley, a beginning bowler can beat a Pro.
To play this game, you need to rent a bowling lane at a bowling center.

How to play Raceway Alley:

  • Choose your car and determine the skill level at which you’ll compete

  • For the first lap, roll the dice to determine what you have to bowl to earn a “strike” based on your skill level.

  • Take your shot

    • If you “strike”, you move forward 10 spaces on the game board and earn a Turbo token.

    • If you don’t “strike”, move forward the number of spaces equal to the number of pins knocked over for that frame

  • Play a Turbo Token (optional)

    • Turbo tokens can be used to move one space forward on the game board

    • Multiple Turbo tokens can be played on the same turn. However, you cannot play a token you earned on the same turn.

  • At the end of each lap, you are required to stop at the Pit Stop and roll the dice to determine what you have to bowl to earn a “strike” for the next lap. Each lap gets progressively harder.

  • Win the race!

How many players are required?

1-6 players.

How much time is required to play Dragon Bowl?

The estimated time to finish a game of Raceway Alley is 1.5 hours or 3 games of bowling

Is there an age requirement or skill level required to play?

Raceway Alley is for all ages 5+. Bowlers/Drivers are classified into five skill levels:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Expert

  • Pro

What is included with the game?

When you open your Raceway Alley game you will find:

  • Rule book

  • Gameboard (dimensions: 27” x 18”)

  • 6 - race cars

  • 60 - Turbo Tokens (10 tokens for each driver)

  • 6 - reference cards

  • 6 - dice